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For the past twenty years, North-Tech has been my "go to place" for all my tile and flooring needs. It's simple, when making a living. You can"t expect that level of expertise at a box store. Their selection of products from tiles to schluter systems. they are there to provide the advise to get the project done.


Katherine and I would like to express our appreciation for the prompt response to repairing our shower. As you know, you installed a showcase bathroom in our home approximately three years ago. Recently we were distressed when water marks appeared on our downstairs ceiling. After three hours with a plumber attempting to find a leak in fixtures and pipe joints within the ceiling, it was concluded that the problem was likely with the tiling job, so we contacted your store. We were stoutly assured that if the problem was with product or workmanship from your company, that you would take care of it at no cost to us. You immediately came to the house to investigate. Thankfully, as a result of your original design of the shower and cupboards, you were able to disclose a leak in a shelf within the shower. Arrangements were made and the prompt, polite, pleasant, professional, and expert workmanship that we had experienced when we originally had the shower installed was still prevalent. The fact that your company repaired the leak in the shower, paid for the plumbing bill and ensured that the downstairs ceiling was repaired without any hassle or expense to us, was very much appreciated.

We continue to enjoy our shower now and thank you for standing behind your work and products.

Respectively, Neil and Katherine K.